Alcohol, Hangovers and “Globesity”.

 A number of years ago I had reason to reside in the U.S of A.  I arrived at LAX about 12 stone wringing wet, and returned 18 months later greeted with comments like: “Fatso”, “Lard Arse” and “Mud Guts”- from some of my closest friends I might add. Yes, in the interim I had put on a little bit of weight. 

The American cuisine I can tell you is not conducive to a slim physique. (I have no idea how Nicole Richie or the likes of her remain skeletal) The food from the viewpoint of an Australian is not the best

Another factor, which I have failed to mention is the American “Beer”.  Actually the term “dishwater” springs to mind when I think about their  brew.  I had to drink four “Budweisers” to get the same effect as a “Tooheys” or “XXXX”.  Needless to say I took in 4 times as many calories, most of which were stored in my guts.  Very little exercise didn’t help either. 

As an aside I found that my recovery from a “Big Night Out” rather poor. Instead of spending the day with a rotten head ache and “crook” tummy I suffered for an extra two or three. 

Some time after my return to the greatest country/Island/continent  I did a brave thing.  I stripped naked in front of a full length mirror and confronted my un-shapely body.  It was not a pretty site.  This was made worse by my flat mates entering my room at the precise moment my undies hit the floor.  Let me tell you that took some explaining. 

I began my road to recovery with a little bit of research and discovery and what I found totally horrified me.  

Everywhere I turned, newspapers, magazines, television and health practitioners were telling me that planet earth is facing an obesity epidemic.  A new term was even coined-“Globesity”. 

We can all expect an un-happy future on a fat planet.  Apparently it is the biggest health threat to us and our kids.  I’m talking about type 2 diabetes. And, regrettably, it’s totally self-inflicted, caused by too much junk food, excessive alcohol consumption and too little exercise.  One-and-a-half million Australians have it.  For the 1st time in history, our children have a lower life expectancy than our parents. 

Over 1 billion adults worldwide are now overweight or obese, obesity effects 3.25 million Australians, 7000 Australians die each year from       

Cardiovascular complications caused by obesity and 20 people are dying a day from obesity. 

Needless to say after finding the above data, I cut out the McDonalds and hit the Gym. Despite my efforts I didn’t feel like I was getting the results I wanted in the time I wanted.  Through some friends I found a product called X20. All you do is add it to water like you would a tea bag and drink. 

I found that X20 detoxed me in preparation for my programme.  Due to my poor diet, excessive drinking and lack of exercise  I had developed an acidic body. Instead of eliminating fat, my body stored more fat to hold the acidic waste.  Since ordinary water is not fat soluble, my body knew that acidic waste was safe and locked  it away.  In short I got fat and acidic.  As a result I had cravings for sugar, a poor metabolism and poor digestion. 

With a little hard work, somewhat strict diet and X20 daily I’m back to my normal weight.  Actually I’m a bit heavier as I’ve put on muscle. 

I’ve studied a few diets over the years and discovered to my disappointment that most are fads and therefore unsustainable.  I did however discover two common denominators amongst them: 1. Count your calories and 2. Drink plenty of water. 

Most diets suggest you drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins hibernating in your body. This is really good advice however more importantly you want and need the toxins to be flushed from the bodies building blocks, that is your cells.  Water that hasn’t been transformed by the addition of X20 doesn’t have the correct water surface tension to penetrate your cells to flush away the nasties that cause the health issues with your body.  By adding X20 to your daily water it actually lowers the surface tension and aids the bodies flushing and hydrating process. 

I’ve personally used X20 daily for the last 6 months and have  noticed that my sugar cravings are gone, therefore I don’t constantly crave the  wrong types of food and most importantly my body hydrates properly. And folks that is the key to my hangoverless “Big Night Outs”.

A hydrated body means less of a hangover.  And with the “Huge Hangover Crews” hangover cure we have all but eliminated the miserable side effects to the “Night before”.

So start drinkin’!!!!!!!!!!!

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