I’ve got a few friends whose bodies I think are mostly alcohol, but for most of us, which ever way you look at it your body is about 70% water. I’ve pleaded with them to drink more liquid, only to be told “but I drink a six pack a day!” 

“Nothing can replace water” so the saying goes, but  actually give me a minute there is something that can replace “Just water”. 

I don’t want to stray too far away from the subjects of alcohol and hangovers, but what you drink before and after a big night out will directly relate to the degree of suffering you will experience due to not drinking the right type of water. 

The building blocks of life are indeed the cells of which your body is made up of.  A healthy cell is alkaline while a sick one is acidic. The more acidic your cells become the sicker you become and the ability you have to fight disease is well reduced.  

When you drink copious amounts of alcohol you give your body a huge hit of acid, which of course invade your cells. On a sliding scale Soft drinks/Sodas are the most acidic (I’ve mentioned this type of beverage as alcohol is often mixed with it) Wine is next and then Beer. If you are a daily drinker you may be setting yourself up for some serious future health issues. Cancer, Acidosis, Diabetes Obesity- witness the beer gut, Heart disease and Osteoporosis to name just a few. 

Dehydration and Acid/Alkaline imbalance are key factors in a lowering of life expectancy and quality of life. Disease, bacteria, viruses and fungus thrive in an acid environment.  When we are healthy, our blood, spinal fluid and saliva are slightly alkaline.  Disease, bacteria, viruses and fungus cannot survive in an alkaline environment.  Remember the last two sentences the next time you exit a pub or club at 3.00am fully tanked and are hooking into a roadside kebab or sausage sandwich.  There is however something you can do to reduce the risk of contracting one of the above. 

Once your cells have been under attack for most of the evening by the onslaught of numerous alcoholic beverages, your body has the distinct impression that it is being poisoned.  Drinking “just water” is not enough to flush your cells of the unwanted toxin (Alcohol) due to the incompatible surface tension of water and the cell itself. 

Basically the surface tension of tap, filtered, distilled etc, etc…. water  is about 73 dynes/cm.  The surface tension of your cell is about 45 dynes/cm.  For water to successfully penetrate the cell wall and transport essential nutrients and remove harmful toxins the surface tension- or slipperyness of the water needs to have a similar surface tension as to your cells.  The Huge Hangover Crew has found the ultimate product that does exactly this. It’s called X2O.  

Water is made “wetter” when combined with X2O and assists your body to hydrate at a cellular level and effectively hangoverless. 

Chronic absorption of acidic fluids such as alcohol, corrode body tissue  and if left unchecked will interrupt all cellular activities and functions from the beating of your heart to the firing of your brain.  Acidosis will occur if your blood is not kept in a very narrow pH  (Potential Hydrogen- a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution) of range. 

X2O is an inexpensive, easy and natural way to hydrate your body and maintain it’s delicate pH balance. Private testing was done by the Department of Industry and Resources Chemistry Centre Western Australia and the results showed that X2O enhanced water with a 10.1 pH reading.  

As a comparison distilled water has a pH reading of 7. Every 1 point drop on the pH scale actually means 10 times more acidic a 2 point drop means 100 times more acidic, a 3 point drop means 1000 more acidic and so on…  A drink with a pH reading of 2 (eg soft drink or cola is 100,000 times more acidic than a drink with a pH reading of 7 (eg distilled water).  It takes 32 glasses of water to neutralise the acidity from 1 bottle of cola. X2O transforms ordinary water into a powerful alkaline  beverage, which if not taken before and after a “big night”  will result in an excruciatingly huge hangover and future health issues. Beer by the way has a pH reading of 4.5 and wine 3.75.  

Tens of thousands of testimonials have been written over the last 10 years  about X2O and  year’s of field research has gone into the most natural alkaline drink ever designed.  If you’re not taking X2O on a daily basis you are doing your body an absolute disservice.  


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